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improving health and life outcomes
for current and future generations

who we are

we are a catalyst for nutrition innovation

our purpose is to improve health and life outcomes for current and future generations

we build, test and scale ideas that create and nurture demand for good nutrition, prevent and respond to malnutrition, and improve the nutrition status of individuals, families and communities - while being intentional about underserved needs, sustainability, social and environmental impact

our goal is to enable effective, appealing, accessible and affordable nutrition


neevv, building the foundations of good nutrition

what we do

neevv is a social enterprise working towards supporting critical nutrition needs through innovative food solutions, community engagement, collaborations, technology and policy engagement

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our immediate focus is on enabling effective, appealing, accessible and affordable nutrition during the foundational thousand days (pregnancy, lactation and infancy up to two years of age)

over the next five years, we aim to impact anemia and other micronutrient deficiencies for two million mothers and children, 


breaking the cycle of childhood stunting, one woman at a time

why nutrition

malnutrition is our biggest public health problem

even as overnutrition becomes a bigger challenge, undernutrition continues to persist globally


according to a recent study published by Lancet, 1 in 2 preschool aged children and 2 in 3 women of reproductive age worldwide have at least one micronutrient deficiency

malnutrition is the underlying cause of nearly half of all deaths among children under the age of five

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150m (17%)

children are stunted

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45m (7%)

are wasted



are overweight/ obese

India is the fifth largest economy in the world and significant progress has been made in improving food security and nutrition. however, child malnutrition persists:

Underweight Child_1.png


children are underweight

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children are stunted

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children are wasted

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receive an adequate diet


children are anemic

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over 50%

pregnant women are anemic

undernutrition has significant implications for each generation of children, and hence for the social wellbeing and economic health of a country

nutrition is critical for growth, brain development, immune and other vital functions. lack of good nutrition has devastating lifelong consequences (physical growth, intellectual development, mental health, lifelong immunity to disease, earning potential)

childhood malnutrition is primarily responsible for:

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childhood mortality

Group 60.png


disease burden

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lower lifetime earnings

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lower GDP

adequate childhood nutrition, especially during the first thousand days (pregnancy, lactation, up to two years of age) is absolutely critical for a child's growth, brain development, immune and other vital functions, and significantly impacts future physical and mental health, intellectual ability and earning potential


an undernourished mother inevitably gives birth to an undernourished baby. and even more importantly, a mother’s nutrition during pregnancy impacts the health of her child through adulthood


breaking the intergenerational cycle of undernutrition and stunting requires significant improvement in the nutrition status of women and children

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